Viticulture Practices

Leaf divider of wine grapes for sale

At Diamondback Ridge Vineyards, we believe in sustainability.

We are able to grow premium quality wine grapes by carefully managing water and nutrients to promote excellent vine development while ensuring the health of the environment. The sand and gravel in the soil allow for good water drainage but adequate water retention which gives us the ability to control moisture for optimal crop development.

Through the growing cycle great attention is paid to proper canopy management for well ripened fruit that delivers winemakers a balanced flavor profile in all grape varietals. All work is meticulously performed by hand with no mechanical pruning, leafing, or harvesting. Vintners can be assured we will sell only top quality wine grapes.

Diamondback Ridge Vineyard was planted on a 8’x5’ row spacing which allows us to crop less fruit per vine while maintaining reasonable production per acre. This ensures winemakers they are purchasing some of the highest quality wine grapes available in Washington State.

Good fruit makes good wine, great fruit makes great wine.

Partner with us to produce great wine!